Pianello Lario

The olive grove at Pianello Lario - a unique permitted project

Located in the northern part of Lake Como

This truly stunning lot with 11’000m2 is located in the community of Pianello Lario. Pianello Lario is a village on the northern part of Lake Como. In this area the main road is in a tunnel for over 5km, therefor road noise does not exist as around the entire lake. One of the most unique factors beside the quiteness is that the entire lot is a flat area with no steep drop offs. There are currently two existing structures and a pool.

The olive grove at Pianello Lario

The area where the olive trees are located is protected and construction is not allowed.

200m south of the beach access, the port of Pianello lario offers docs for small sailing yachts and motor boats. Also the property owns its permission for a buoy in front of the house and the buoy was newly installed in 2018.

The property has an existing boat house on the water. There is an official permission for the use of lake water for the garden and a newly installed pumpsystem.


Pianello Lario