Alfa Giulietta Spider Veloce

One of the very few first registered in Switzerland

Elegant and timeless design

This Giulietta Veloce is one of the very few first registered in Switzerland. The 1957 Giulietta Spider Veloce is an iconic sports car produced by the Italian automaker Alfa Romeo. It is part of the Giulietta series, which played a significant role in establishing Alfa Romeo as a manufacturer of high-performance vehicles.

Introduced in 1956, the Giulietta Spider Veloce was a more powerful and race-oriented version of the Giulietta Spider. «Veloce» translates to «fast» in Italian, emphasizing the car’s enhanced performance capabilities. Pininfarina designed it to appeal to driving enthusiasts seeking exhilarating performance and an open-top driving experience.

One of the standout features of the 1957 Giulietta Spider Veloce was its elegant and timeless design. It boasted sleek and flowing lines, a low-slung body, and a distinctive front grille, showcasing Alfa Romeo’s commitment to aesthetics. The Spider Veloce featured a two-seat configuration and a convertible soft top, allowing drivers to enjoy the thrill of open-air motoring.

Under the hood, the 1957 Giulietta Spider Veloce housed a 1.3-liter inline-four engine with dual overhead camshafts. It utilized advanced technology for its time, such as aluminum cylinder heads, contributing to its power output of around 90 horsepower. The lightweight construction of the car, combined with the engine’s performance, resulted in impressive acceleration and agile handling.

The Spider Veloce also featured upgraded suspension components and braking systems compared to the standard Giulietta Spider, further enhancing its driving dynamics. It was a nimble and responsive sports car that offered an engaging driving experience on winding roads or the racetrack.

The 1957 Giulietta Spider Veloce achieved notable success in motorsports, participating in various racing events. It showcased Alfa Romeo’s racing pedigree and demonstrated the car’s capabilities in competitive environments. Its racing achievements added to its desirability and further solidified its reputation as a performance icon.

Today, the 1957 Giulietta Spider Veloce remains highly sought after by classic car enthusiasts and collectors. Its rarity, timeless design, and thrilling performance captivate automotive enthusiasts worldwide. Owning one of these cars is a source of pride and a connection to the rich heritage of Alfa Romeo and the golden era of sports car manufacturing.



Alfa Giulietta Spider Veloce