Austin-Healey 3000

Sport MK III – Cabrio

Impressive performance

The Austin-Healey 3000 MKIII, specifically the 1967 USA version, is a classic British sports car produced by the Austin-Healey marque from 1959 to 1967. It is highly regarded as one of the most iconic and desirable British sports cars of its time. Here’s some information about the Austin-Healey 3000 MKIII USA version:

Design and Styling: The Austin-Healey 3000 MKIII USA version features a sleek, timeless design emphasizing its sporty character. It had a long, curvaceous bonnet, a wide front grille, and prominent wings. The 1967 model had a few design refinements, including a revised front grille and a new hood design with a power bulge.

Engine: The 1967 USA version of the Austin-Healey 3000 MKIII is powered by a 2.9-liter inline-six engine. It was equipped with twin SU carburetors and featured an improved camshaft and larger valves compared to earlier models. This engine produced around 150 horsepower and provided impressive performance for its time.

Legacy and Collectibility: The Austin-Healey 3000 MKIII, especially the 1967 USA version, holds a special place in automotive history. Its iconic design and impressive performance have contributed to its desirability among collectors and classic car enthusiasts.



Austin-Healey 3000