Our Services

Interior Design

Constructing, renovating or refurbishing a home is a wonderful but time consuming work. MaunaLej takes care of all aspects to ensure a minimum of time involvement for the client. Our creative department designs your dream home and is your one point of contact during the whole process. We are not only involved in the space planning with the architect, but also ensure a full outfit for your property from furnishing to linen and arts. Let us realize your dreams!


Our vast experience in the buying and selling of luxury properties is our profound base in the evaluation of real estate property and market risks not only in Switzerland but also around the world.
We will perform a detailed technical survey of the property you are interested in and will also assess potential changes and development opportunities to the property in terms of feasibility and costs. Because we have in depth knowledge of the market, we are in a position to give you a realistic and objective assessment.

project management

Managing a project away from home and in a foreign environment can turn into a hassle of administrative, legal and practical issues. It can be an enormous waste of time, money and effort. Therefor we will help manage your acquisition project every step of the way, from finding the right architect, to dealing will all involved companies, visiting the construction site regularly, focusing on the wishes and desires of our client and making sure, that all deadlines are hold as promised. We provide our client with a single contact during the whole procedure, from the very beginning up to the last moment of moving into the new family home.

property acquisition

Our expanded knowledge in luxury properties is a great help in negotiating the purchase terms of a deal and making sure that the contract covers any specific requirement and serves your best interest. Due to our knowledge of the local procedures, we can painlessly take you through all the steps in purchasing an estate in a specific region, handle the paper work and can arrange the conveyance on your behalf with the lawyers. With knowledge of your personal situation and specific requirements, we can design the optimum solutions for you with respect to the tax, legal and inheritance planning. If it should be necessary, we can consult you on mortgage and design the most sophisticated finance profile to create a hassle-free borrowing experience.

real estate consulting

Developing or acquiring a luxury chalet in the Swiss Alps, or finding your property in an exclusive location in Switzerland or somewhere in the world can be an exhilarating and ambitious enterprise. Our goal is to help you make a better real estate decision during this searching process. Through our extensive and diverse experience in valuation and consulting, we are able to explain you the full spectrum of asset valuation, capital markets and today’s changing real estate marketplace issues.


Once found the desired property, we are dealing with all authorities for the needed permissions, negotiating optimal mortgage loans and finding tax agreements. We also ensure an optimal process of residence permit applications at cantonal and federal level as we are in constant contact with the administrative services concerned. In addition to applying for residence permits, we offer high quality relocation services to our members and their families like:

  • home search and temporary accommodation
  • renovation or construction project management
  • family integration
  • opening bank accounts
  • legal advice
  • tax planning and lump sum negotiations
  • mortgage loans negotiations
  • insurance handling
  • private schools
  • import of art work and cars

Maunalej will give you the practical, personal and discrete support you may need.

family real estate portfolio management

As a specialist in construction, property management, private villa operations and real estate investments – Maunalej offers our unique service of worldwide real estate management.

We make sure that family estates, private summer villas and ski-chalets are not only well maintained family homes, escapes and leisure properties but also look into running costs, optimization of monthly fix-costs, finance as well as rental opportunities and ensuring they are lucrative investments.

Monitoring the markets around the world provides owners with updated market evaluations of the family portfolio. Monthly running costs statements and maintenance reports lead to a full overview on family real estate assets.


  • Market monitoring and frequent evaluation of assets
  • Monitoring finance solutions for real estate world wide
  • Organising local property management, putting reporting systems in place and control the local service provider
  • Control local invoices and monitor on maintenance costs
  • Organising reconstruction works and manage projects
  • Monthly reporting on the real estate portfolio, costs evaluation
  • Supervise sales and acquisitions